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A 4Site residential inspection will cover all areas as required under Wisconsin State Statute 440.975 and SPS 131 Subchapter IV of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. This is considered to be the standards of practice. Please see the links below for these standards:


Understanding how 4Site Building Inspection identifies a Defect is very important. The definition of Defect based on the standards in the link above is as follows:

“A condition of any component of an improvement that a Home Inspector determines, on the basis of the Home Inspector's judgment on the day of an inspection, would significantly impair the health or safety of occupants of a property or that, if not repaired, removed, or replaced, would significantly shorten or adversely affect the expected normal life of the component of the improvement.” The contract of sale may define “Defect” to also include a condition that would have a significant adverse effect on the value of the property, but such a condition may not be labeled a defect in the report unless it meets the definition in section 440.97 (2m), Wis. Stats.

Foundation defects are common topics during an inspection. Rick is a Certified member of the Wisconsin Association of Foundation Repair Professionals. Rick often times references the WAFRP standards when evaluating the foundation. A link to the WAFRP website is here:


  Visual Examples of Defects

"You Don't Know what you Don't know...Unless you have 4Site"

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