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Home Inspections for buyers:

The process of purchasing a house can be a complex one. Once you have an accepted offer, things tend to move fast and it is critical to have a Building or Home Inspector in mind to evaluate the property for you. At 4Site Building Inspections, your inspection experience is geared towards being an easy process during a hectic time. A building is like a book with various chapters and different twists and turns, We take pride in translating the story of the house in terms that you understand. All major components of the house will be evaluated at the time of inspection including Structure, Roof, Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation, Fireplaces and more. We will generate a meticulous report highlighting Major Concerns , Repair needs and Safety issues with color photos and maintenance tips. Reports are always available same day!

Home Inspections for sellers:

A key element to the foundation of 4SITE Building Inspections is FORward thinking. There is much preparation in selling your property. A Pre-listing Inspection is similar to a Buyers Inspection but it is geared towards helping you prepare for the sale of your property before listing. 4SITE Building Inspections will give you perspectives that will help you maximize your profits at the time of sale by evaluating every major component of your property and making recommendations. Ensuring that your property is top notch will ensure that you get a top notch offer! 

Termite/WDO Inspections:

Termite Inspections or Wood Destroying Organism Inspections are becoming more relevant in Wisconsin. Not only due to changes in Industry standards but also recent findings in various homes. Wood Destroying Organisms can cause major structural damage. Although it is not extremely common to find Termites in South-Eastern Wisconsin, Subterrarian Termites due exist and can get overlooked easily becuase most people assume that they due not exist in Wisconsin. The existance of Termites is only one Organism that we search for during a WDO Inspection. Carpenter Ants are one of the most common organism that is found during these Inspections. We not only look for evidence related to a current infestation but also evidence related to previous infestations.


Multi Family Inspections:


As the Owner of 4Site Building Inspections LLC, Rick is thoroughly experienced with rental investment properties. His first house at 19 years of age was a Duplex. Multi Unit Inspections are very similar to a standard residential Inspection but the insight that 4Site provides is geared towards the Landlord/Investor.  

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