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The first step towards financial success is being a
First Time Home Buyer

-Rick Francis in 2004 accepting his First

Time Home Buyer program certificate 

as a Senior in High School.

nachi home buyer.png
-Rick working with First Time Home Buyers Joel and Megan in 2019. 

In 2004, the Real Estate industry was at an all time high. Rick Francis was a senior in High School. After growing up in public housing in the City of Milwaukee, Rick followed in his Mother's recent footsteps by taking part in a First Time Home Buyer program while still in High School. The program was built to educate and prepare individuals for financial success through Home Ownership. Rick was honored to speak at the graduation and went on to purchase his first Home at the age of 19.

Through the years, the emotions associated with purchasing a Home at a young age was not forgotten by Rick. The feeling of being overwhelmed by the entire process of buying a house, the nervousness of making such a large financial commitment, The anxiety associated with worrying about what could break or go wrong in the house.  Rick built 4SITE Building Inspections with First Time Home Buyers in mind. We take pride in helping people find comfort in taking their first step towards financial success. A 4SITE home inspection will put you at ease and help educate you in regards to your investment. Rick understands you and your needs because he was you,

An essential aspect of business at 4SITE Building Inspections is to be a resource to our community. Rick has worked with Milwaukee Recreation, Housing Resources and many Real Estate Agents to educate potential First Time Home Buyers in a classroom setting. Let 4SITE be your foresight and guide you in the right direction towards our first home. 


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